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Introduction to Dandelion Bouquet Arts & Antiques

I have had a few small scale home businesses. One employee, me. Nothing incredibly successful but they served me when I needed them.

I am an artist and creator, often daydreaming of a shop of my own, something small I could work in and sell from, but this took me a few steps further. I bought an antique store on a main street in my town and turned it into an antique and art shop. I have over 30 vendors in an old house from the early 1900’s, vintage/antique dealers and local artists and creators.

I love being surrounded by these creative souls and small business owners as we work together to offer our best to our community. I offer small spaces for the creator just dipping their foot in the water up to a whole room for those seasoned vintage retailers.

This is an adventure that I am going to share with you here. Ups and downs. Inspiration and frustration. It’s just me, typing away, sharing my heart and experience. Some things may not even have to do with my shop, but I will try to stay true to what I learn here at my business. I don’t always do things right but hope I can learn from the things I don’t handle correctly. And that I can spread some love from my community and out to you my reader. Thanks for taking the time, for listening and becoming a friend. I do appreciate you.

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